wantfa members save big with HBF

The WA No-Tillage Farmer’s Association (WANTFA) has secured some impressive new sponsors this year, with benefits to members better than ever.

Last month, HBF joined forces with the largest agronomic grower group in WA as a show of support to the rural sector which will benefit the grower groups extensive member base significantly.

‘Our members will enjoy significant savings on insurance by joining the HBF corporate plan. For new members joining it is a great incentive and gives them an instant return on investing in a WANTFA Membership,’ WANTFA Marketing Manager Graeme Currie said.

All WANTFA members can now save hundreds of dollars on all insurance products. Savings include up to 12% off hospital and essentials cover, 23% off home, landlords and car and 19% off travel insurance, and if you are sick or injured and unable to pay your premiums, HBF will cover the costs for up to a year. There’s also a host of other benefits including entertainment, fitness and shopping discounts.

‘It’s fantastic to see HBF offering their corporate rates to WANTFA members; I urge all our members to enquire about how much they can save by bundling your insurances with HBF.

Personally, I could save $ 1300.00 per year on my current insurances across two cars and my home, that’s huge,’ Graeme added.

All WANTFA members and their family members are eligible for these discounts.

HBF will help you switch from your current fund and recognise your full length of membership so you won’t need to re-serve any waiting periods.

If you are an existing WANTFA member contact HBF with your member number today on 1300 132 549 to take full advantage of the savings. If you are not a WANTFA member, join now for only $299! For more information on why and how to join go to: www.wantfa.com.au/join-wantfa/ or email admin@wantfa.com.au

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