Current and future WANTFA research

  • ·The long-term site at Cunderdin looking at improving no-till cropping systems
  • ·Carbon Farming Initiative project over 3 sites (Cunderdin, Bolgart and Beacon)
  • ·Innovative ways to introduce more break crops into rotations (Meckering)
  • ·Dry seeding – ways of improving the management and risks around seeding cereals dry
  • ·Research into farm level adaptation strategies to a variable and changing climate
  • ·The impacts of fallow stubble grazing and stubble retention on following crops
  • ·Weed management and herbicide resistance
  • ·Summer Crops – the possibilities of making a profit and the impacts on the following crop
  • ·Plus more than 20 independent trials at the Cunderdin site displayed at the field days

Your support of WANTFA is vital to the growth and prosperity of crop research in WA. While we operate with funding from the GRDC and Federal and State grants, our membership base plays a big part in the success of our research applications. To become a member please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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