WANTFA Centre for Stubble Retention Research Cunderdin


 WANTFA Centre for Stubble Retention Research Site is the foremost agronomic trial site in Western Australia commencing in 2010 at Cunderdin after 10 years at Meckering. The WANTFA Centre for Stubble Retention Research  has a dual focus. That is, to train students and growers, and to showcase short and medium term research related to conservation farming technology. The purpose of sharing trial and demonstration findings is to assist grower decision making, increase yields and improve no till practices.

 With GRDC support, WANTFA have been able to develop a no-till and conservation farming site of excellence that has earned an Australia-wide reputation with farmers, scientists, researchers and agricultural industry personnel.
Since inception a number of research and extension methods have been developed that have put the site at the forefront of conservation farming extension in WA with 850 - 1000 visitors to the site each year. In recent years the site has been used to study herbicide safety, weed control in no-till, disease in stubble, new disc seeder technology, lime incorporation methods and the long term effects of stubble retention versus removal.
Growers, students and researchers can gain information about the trials at events such as the Post-Seeding Field Walk and WANTFA Spring Field Day. In addition to trial presentations, information is also delivered by ‘topical tents’, visual displays and represented booths. The trial program delivers information aimed at farmers who are new to no-till and also those looking to advance their no-till farming system.


A produce a collaborative centre of excellence providing a focus point that will foster research, development and extension of conservation farming techniques.
Publication of trial results for use by grain growers and the industry.
Extensive extension and communication of sustainable farming methods throughout Australia through field days, hosting tour groups, topical discussions and publications.


A post seeding field walk will be held on July 14th 2010..
A Spring Field Day will be held on September 22nd 2010.
Hosted tour groups on demand.
Length of the project: Meckering site closed in 2009. New Cunderdin site opened in 2010.

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