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We acknowledge the generous support of our current sponsors and industry partners and encourage our members to support these organisations wherever possible, to ensure that our association continues to be a positive one.

prime-super-450x198 GOLD SPONSOR
cbh-logo-450x198 GOLD SPONSOR
bailiwick-logo-450x198 GOLD SPONSOR
trimble-logo-450x198 SILVER SPONSOR
agrimaster-logo-450x198 SILVER SPONSOR
agrex-logo-450x198 SILVER SPONSOR
grain-growers-logo-450x198 SILVER SPONSOR
rural-focus-logo-450x198 SILVER SPONSOR
ndf-logo-450x198 DIAMOND SPONSOR
csbp-logo-450x198 DIAMOND SPONSOR
farm-weekly-logo-450x198 DIAMOND SPONSOR
bayer-logo-450x198 DIAMOND SPONSOR
adm-logo-450x198 DIAMOND SPONSOR

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